Single-girder overhead travelling cranes

…with rolled steel section

ELKE single-girder overhead travelling crane with rolled section

The single-beam overhead travelling cranes with rolled sections have an impressive degree of cost-effectiveness and a load-bearing construction. The single-girder overhead travelling cranes are particularly suited to smaller spans and light loads. The cost-efficient single-girder overhead travelling crane benefits from a specially developed rope-driven trolley and rolled steel sections for the crane girder. In new buildings and production halls the entry-level model is usually used as a workshop crane. The high quality of Demag products can also be seen in this crane. Benefit from the high of durability, operational security and reliability of single-girder overhead travelling cranes from Demag.

In addition, increased trolley speed and ergonomic control switches provide for efficient load handling. Continuously variable trolley drives are available as an option for smooth and precise handling.