DCM-Pro Manulift

Guarantees the safe and quick load handling with one hand

With the DCM-Pro Manulift you are guaranteed safe and quick single-handed operation for load handling. The hoisting unit and the connected DSM-C control device for the chain hoist form the basis of the DSM-Pro. The control device can be operated with either the right or left hand. The direct connection with the lifting tackle makes it extremely easy to operate the DCM-Pro with just one hand. The single-handed operation is suitable for both load control and the operation of the chain hoist.

The use of different load suspension devices enables the flexible adjustment to a variety of applications. One such application is the parallel grab system that is particularly required in the automotive industry. You can also use the DCM-Pro Manulift with custom-made load suspension devices. These characteristics make it an especially flexible and valued aid in the workplace.


  • The integrated quick-change coupling allows for a rapid change of load suspension devices
  • As with all Manulifts, the DCM-Pro can also be used with custom-made load suspension devices

Coupling with the DC-Pro chain hoist

With the aid of an adapter, the load suspension devices can also be combined with the load hook of the DC-Pro chain hoist. The commercial utility is increased by the high degree of flexibility of the Demag chain hoist.