Demag battery magnets

Simple handling – safe and robust

Demag battery magnets, which consist of the control element, battery and electromagnet, are supplied through an integral charging cable, which connects the charging device, the power source and the controls. Demag battery magnets have a high load capacity, and an automatic start-up safety lock that is activated when the battery voltage is too low. This process ensures the continuous safety of the lifting operation. Take advantage of the versatility of Demag battery magnets.


If you are looking for a method of moving magnetisable loads without being dependent on a mains power supply – then battery magnets are the ideal solution.

Battery magnets have many different applications:

  • Suspension cranes
  • Stationary wall- and pillar-mounted cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Mobile cranes
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Mobile workshop cranes
  • Iron and steel stockholders
  • Flame cutting workshops
  • Marking out workshops
  • Repair workshops
  • Forges
  • Welding shops


  • Can also be used outdoors (compact design with IP 53 protection class).
  • Metal sheets can be separated by flicking the toggle switch.
  • The automatic demagnetisation process reduces any residual magnetism to a minimum.
  • Automatic charging control prevents the 12 V battery being overloaded.
  • An LED battery status display indicates the charging level at all times. Dual monitoring (optical and audible signals) indicates if the battery voltage is exceeded.
  • An automatic self-test is performed at the start of the charging process.