Demag circular magnets

The Demag permanent magnets can be used in practically any workplace. In particular, they are required where lifting magnets are deployed, and can be used in manufacturing and assembly areas or for outside applications. In addition, the permanent magnets can be used for both flat and round material. You can have the choice between six different sizes. The load capacities range between 150 kg and 2t.

R15-30 circular magnets

Demag magnets are characterised by their compact design and high load capacity.  The R15-30 magnet provides a load capacity of up to 1400 kg. The housing is made from steel and the coil has enamelled copper windings and is fully sealed. It is also equipped with a rectifier, switch and a suspension eye. An upgrade set enables the magnet to be connected to the power supply. The switch can also be built in to the control pendant. With the Demag R15-30 circular magnet you can transport sheet metal parts, iron or tool parts. It is also ideal for handling cast iron, scrap, small parts, nuts and bolts.

RT15-30 circular magnets

Handling problems often occur with single-point suspension. This is due to sagging caused by large metal sheets and plates. This problem can be rectified by multi-magnet spreader units with the aid of RT26 circular magnets. Sagging becomes impossible because the magnets are properly distributed across the surface of the sheet or plate, thus enabling the simple handling of large plates. It is possible to remove individual sheets of metal from a pile or from a thermal cutting table

Strotdresch stocks the full range of Demag circular magnets.