Demag DCS-Pro chain hoist

The Demag DCS-Pro chain hoist

The Demag DCS-Pro chain hoist features continuously variable speed control that enables the smooth lifting, lowering and positioning of sensitive components. The precise positioning facilitates assembly and installation processes.

The Demag DCS Pro chain hoist: The benefits at a glance

With this chain hoist the manufacturer was able to almost double the nominal speed, which enabled much faster performance in the partial load range. As is the case with other models from this manufacturer, this chain hoist is particularly safe and efficient. It has a compact form because the control unit and frequency inverter are integrated beneath the electrical cover as a modular component, thus saving space. The benefits at a glance:

  • Continuously variable speed control of lifting and lowering movements over the entire load range
  • Extreme precision from a creep hoisting speed of between 0.08 and 0.15 m/min and sensitive control especially at low speeds
  • A control ratio of 1:200 enables rapid start-up and smooth positioning

Important features of the DCS Pro chain hoist

Demag has equipped this chain hoist with some key features: so for example, the Pro-Hub increases the nominal speed for partial or no-load operations by up to 90%. When the hoist has reached the upper or lower stop position it automatically switches to the creep control. The ergonomic design for the operator has also been considered: PWM switches with progressive characteristics and a 10 mm travel enable sensitive control and fatigue-free operation. Braking and acceleration ramps prevent large load oscillations. The operator can change the individual parameters for acceleration, deceleration and hoisting speed with the integral control switch.