Demag Dedrive Pro frequency inverters

The Dedrive Pro frequency inverter can be used for all rotating, slewing and travelling applications. Frequency inverters from the Dedrive Pro range are high-performance components with a performance framework of 1.5 – 560 kW for power networks in the range 380 V – 690 V. In recent years frequency inverters have developed into indispensable products, providing solutions to a wide variety of problems. With their extension functions, frequency inverters from the Dedrive Pro range can provide a rapid solution even to greater challenges, while you can reap the benefits of easy installation and rapid maintenance options. A specially developed software function ensures the Demag Dedrive Pro delivers optimal power utilisation.

Summary of all benefits of the Dedrive Pro range

  • Short-term exceedance of the rated output is possible
  • Constant torque provides variable speeds
  • Torque can be changed at a constant speed as needed
  • Excellent braking and acceleration characteristics.
  • Possibility of controlling several drives simultaneously