Demag DSE control pendants

The DSE control pendant is an excellent tool for the control of lifting equipment and other machines. The control pendants are tailored to the manual control of machines with contactor control systems. With these devices lifting equipment and conveyors can operated from floor level.

Demag DSE control pendant: the most important benefits

The curved housing of this high-quality control pendant from Demag permits operators to maintain a natural and comfortable posture. The intelligently designed ergonomic shape of the housing also contributes to fatigue-free handling. With this control pendant it has been possible to dispense with the usual wiring inside the switch housing thanks to a PCB fitted with a central connector. The pluggable design means the switching elements can be installed without the need for tools. The installation of an optional LCS display offers the facility of load display. In addition, the modern system permits the installation of special application parts up to a diameter of 16 mm. An emergency stop button without jump function (ESEN switching element). The stop takes place through the forced opening of the normally closed contacts. Impact resistance is another big plus point: a rubber coating ensures robustness.

The simultaneous control of movements in opposite directions is excluded. High-quality thermoplastic housing also guarantees excellent shock and impact resistance.

Further plus points

  • Protective insulation according to VDE 0100 Part 410, Section 6.2
  • Protection class IP 65 according to DIN VDE 0470 T.1 as standard
  • Holding force < 8 N for actuator travel and actuating forces in conformance with DIN 33401
  • Resistant against seawater, oils, fats, lyes and fuels
  • The housings are climate-proof, flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant.
  • Strain relief with 2TY cable by means of moulded-on cable
  • The rubber and thermoplastic parts are designed and permitted for use in ambient temperatures between 25°C und 70°C.
  •  Strain relief when using a steel rope is provided by a polyamide sheathing of the steel rope.