Demag DSK control pendants

Hoists and machine controls

The DSK control pendant is outstandingly suitable for the control of machines. The control pendants are mainly used to control lifting devices from the floor. The sloping angle of the control pendant enables fatigue-free handling to ensure ergonomic working.  It is for these reasons that the DSK control pendant received ‘The good industrial standard’ award. The use of thermoplastics means that the Demag DSK control pendant has very good resistance to impacts and shocks. It is also equipped with a climate-proof and flame-retardant housing that is also resistant to oils, lyes, seawater, fats and fuels. The permitted ambient temperature range is between -25°C and +70°C.

A mechanical interlock prevents the simultaneous actuation of controls in opposite directions for safety reasons. In addition, the emergency stop has been designed without any jump function for the forced opening of the normally closed contacts. It is also possible to operate the contact control and direct control functions separately.


  • Direct control of drive units up to 5.5 kW
  • Insulated in conformance with DIN VDE 0100 Part 410 Section 413.2
  • Snap-action switch enables double-pole switching during direct control
  • Strain relief by means of special hose with additional anti-kink protective sleeve
  • Protective insulation (as standard) DIN VDE 0470T.1, in use position: DIN EN 60529 IP55