Demag DST control pendants

The Demag DST control pendant is ideal when you are using material handling systems that support several drive functions. The sloping control pendant ensures the operator can maintain a natural and comfortable posture. The ergonomically designed housing form enables fatigue-free handling. In addition, you can select various housings that have 3,6,7 or even 9 control positions. By coupling together two control pendants (DST 6, DST 7 or DST 9) it is possible to have up to 18 control positions (in two rows). Non-coupled pendants can be mounted on a wall with the aid of a fixing bracket.

The snap-action switch on the DST control pendant enables you to have simultaneous and double-pole switching for direct control. The DST has over six different switching elements. If required, it is possible to obtain the DST control pendant in a DST-EX version, which enables you to use it in intrinsically safe circuits (DIN VDE 0165).

Benefits at a glance:

  • The self-extinguishing and flame-resistant housing of the pendant control makes it very safe in handling.
  • The GRP housing is highly resistant to shock and impacts.
  • Positive opening of interlocked contacts prevents the simultaneous control of movements in opposite directions.
  • The housing is permitted for use in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +150°C, while the thermoplastic and rubber parts are permitted for temperatures between -25°C to +70°C.
  • The DST control pendant is resistant to benzene, oils, rectified spirits, turpentine, ether, petroleum and diluted lyes and acids.
  • Insulated in conformance with VDE 0100 Part 410, Section 413.2
  • Conforms to DIN VDE 0470/EN 60529/IEC 529 protection class IP 65