Demag KB conical-rotor brake motors

KB conical-rotor brake motor: innovative technology for high-quality braking applications

Demag, the drive specialist from Wetter near Dortmund, is the STROTDRESCH supplier of superior drive engineering including conical rotors that are suitable for special applications such as runway-saving braking characteristics. Demag conical-rotor brake motors come belong to the group of combinable geared motors that are easy to use and extremely reliable. In the KB category Demag offer braking motors for general applications (KBA) and braking motors for drive applications (KBF) which are available from the STROTDRESCH range at attractive prices. In both versions the braking moment can be precisely adapted to the application.

KB brake motors: ideal for challenging braking applications

Conical-rotor brake motors have a unique braking technology that dispenses with the need for additional switching elements and separate control circuity. That is only possible due to the mechanical connection between the rotor and the brake. The robust KB brake motors nevertheless achieve a high braking performance of up to 55 kW, despite a duty cycle of only 40%. A KB brake motor with patented braking principle is easy for design engineers to handle. The simple clarity of its design is also a major advantage. The brake and rotor and mechanically connected to each other. Due to the conical construction, the KB brake motor makes a movement around its own axis when it is switched on. When this happens, the rotor and brake disc are drawn together on the drive side. Switching elements for the brake are therefore superfluous. At the same time the brake disc functions as the fan, so that the whole component remains compact, which ensures good heat dissipation. The resulting heat is dissipated via the large brake cover, which significantly extends the service life of the brake discs.
You can obtain the high-quality brake discs for KB conical-rotor brake motors from the STROTDRESCH range in two versions: For KBA motors with light brake discs and for KBF motors with heavy brake discs that also have a high moment of inertia. In addition to 2–8-pole and switchable conical rotors we also stock the KBA series for start-stop tasks and the KBF series for mains operation travel. No matter which application, we will always have the right Demag conical rotor for you.