Demag load detectors

Overload protection device for increased safety

The Demag load protector provides operators with safe protection against overload. In today’s world it is not easy to estimate the loads and ensure the optimum capacity of every lifting device. The Demag load detector satisfies all of the requirements of the EU Machinery Directives. The Demag load detector contains an overload protection for all Demag and third-party hoisting devices, for open winch crabs and the entire load spectrum.

Mechanical load measurement

Benefit from a maximum switching point deviation of ± 2.5 %, with reference to 2 x 106 load cycles. In addition, there is an MGS load link with a mechanical micro-switch and an MKA-2 electronic evaluator for overload protection and overload cut-off.

Load spectrum recorder

According to current legislation, the safe working period (SWP) must be calculated once a year. With the WLK-1 or FWL load spectrum recorder it is easy to calculate the useful life and residual service life.

Electronic load measurement

Overload protection and overload switch-off is provided by a girder connection with DMS bridge, FAW-1 frequency evaluator and FGB frequency transmitter. The latest electronics applications provide you with summation measurement, setpoint load limitation and hoist motor cut-off in the case of slack rope.

Digital load display

A digital load display is available as an option. With this three-digit load display you can an assess an approximate handling capacity of a system. There is a choice between the ANG-1 large format display or the ANK-1 cab display.