Demag microspeed units

The Demag microspeed units are a combination of two or more brake motors. These brake motors are connected by a mechanical drive. In microspeed units the main motor brake is designed as a friction clutch, whereas the creep motor brake can operate either directly or via the transmission of the overall drive. It is possible to achieve a large number of speeds or even complete speed ranges. This is ensured by the use of pole-switching motors, slip ring motors or three-phase motors as well as other microspeed motors.

All advantages at a glance

  • Transmission ratios of 500: 1 are possible
  • Rapid positioning possible through precise stopping
  • Repeatability of positioning
  • Unlike pole-switching motors, a high switching frequency is available
  • Constant, load-independent creep speed

Integrated pulse generator

Two sensors track a multipolar magnetic ring while the motor rotates. The magnetic ring is fixed to a rotor shaft. The signals generated can be used for information and the monitoring, evaluation and switching of contacts.