Demag rope connectors

Rope sockets and shackles

The rope connectors enable a rapid change of load attachment devices. It is easy to attach / detach the gripper hoist traction ropes to or from the closing ropes of the hoist unit. Users benefit from the functional design of Demag rope connectors which are manufactured from a tough special steel. The connector is suitable for rope diameters from 10 to 64 mm, the lock is also protected from damage.

Wedge sockets

Wedge sockets are suitable for attaching rope ends to fixed constructions; it is possible to detach the rope by knocking out the wedge. It is easy to additional measures of securing the rope. The wedge socket is suitable for rope diameters from 8 to 45 mm.

Rope thimbles

The rope thimble is suitable for rope diameters from 11 to 45 mm. Users benefit from an easily detachable attachment of the rope end to a fixed point.

Rope pear sockets

Rope pear sockets are suitable for rope diameters from 10 to 48mm. They are suitable for attaching the ends of ropes to fixed structures. The ends of ropes can also be connected to each other, e.g. guy ropes on slewing, mobile and tower cranes.