Demag trolleys for chain hoists

U trolleys

The two generations of U trolleys are designed for different load capacities. The U11 trolley can withstand loads up to 1,100 kg, while the U22 trolley is for loads up to 2,200 kg. The flange can be varied continuously via two adjusting rings over a range from 201 mm to 310 mm. These trolleys are particularly suitable for the retrofitting of E (electric) drives. They can also be operated as manual push-travel trolleys.

All benefits at a glance

  • Simple installation
  • For use on both tapered and parallel flange sections
  • Quiet running
  • Low travel resistance
  • Minimised wear on steel beam
  • Available with steel or polyamide rollers
  • Curve negotiation down to a radius of 1000 mm

CF 5 click-fit push travel trolley

With the CF 5 operators benefit from simple installation: simply clicking on to the beam ensures that the click-fit trolley is ready for use, with a maximum load capacity of 550 kg. The CF 5 travel trolley can negotiate tight curves with a radius as small as 800 mm. Universal use on both standard and parallel flange girders. Drop-stop and lift-off protection for high level of safety.

Plug & Drive E trolley

The new E trolley offers operators completely new potential uses as it was developed for use in connection with the Demag DC-Pro chain hoist. The E trolley can also be combined with the U11 and U22 trolleys. The Plug & Drive E trolley can be operated with the DSE 8-C control pendant.


  • Simple attachment of control pendant
  • Great travel characteristics
  • Low-swing load handling
  • Simple commissioning
  • Rapid retrofitting
  • Modern design
  • Short approach dimensions
  • Variants: Pre-switching and limit switching, cross-type limit switch or limit switching