Dematik IR infrared control system

Sophisticated, robust and location-independent control

Demag systems offer many benefits to all aspects of material handling whether they involve transfer carts, overhead tracks, cranes, machines or other systems. The Dematik IR infrared control system has a number of impressive plus points including:

  • Up to 32 transmitters can be operated simultaneously without mutual interference.
  • Increased security through range limitation
  • The frequency cannot be overcrowded
  • Each system can be controlled by several transmitters with monitored transmitter switchover
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • Secure operational readiness at ambient temperatures from -20°C to +70°C

Technical Details

  • The 7*2 buttons with distinct detent mechanism, emergency stop and additional signal button are available both in single-stage and two-stage versions.
  • An integrated key actuator provides security against unauthorised use.
  • There is a suitable wall-holder for the transmitters that are additionally equipped with a charging device.
  • Transmitter range up to 40 m in ambient light < 1000 Ix
  • The transmitter is supplied with current via a NiMH battery block with plug and socket device including ambient light.

More details

  • Operating and status information is conveyed by 3 LEDs.
  • An address codification ensures that 32 transmitter units can be put into operation simultaneously within an optical space. This ensures that the transmitters do not mutually influence each other (monitored transmitter switchover)
  • Multi-channel operation is possible in order to put into operation up to 6 transmitters simultaneously.
  • Also available as a complete installation including accessories (IR 10) for the retrofitting of crane systems
  • Low transmitter weight of only 400 g (model IR 16) including battery
  • Protection class IP 65