Suspension Cranes Demag EDKE

Pillar slewing cranes and wall-mounted slewing cranes (EDKE suspension cranes)

Demag slewing jib cranes are a useful supplement to an entire material handling system, particularly where conveyors are to be installed on loading bays, in outdoor storage yards or in factory workshops, slewing cranes are often the best solution. The particular benefits of slewing jib cranes are their high degree of user comfort and simple installation. Further advantages are operational safety, the lockable power supply switch and complete electronic equipment.

KBK pillar slewing crane (up to 1000 kg)

KBK pillar slewing cranes have an impressive combination of load capacity, outreach and low self-weight. The low self-weight ensures ease of slewing, while the KBKhollow section guarantees low travel forces. Unlike other standard designs, the pillar slewing crane can achieve a gain in lifting height of 290 mm due to its low installation height. For example, you can benefit from the low installation height of the pillar slewing crane when a building undergoes a change of use, where there is a low ceiling height or during modernisation works.

D-Mos mobile slewing pillar crane (up to 1000 kg)

The D-Mos mobile slewing pillar crane is the perfect solution for companies that have to make frequent alterations to the workplace. This crane is ideal for you because you can always adapt it to the available space. When there are changes to the process workflows, the mobile pillar slewing crane can be quickly moved to the most suitable position. Operators in the fields of maintenance, repair and upgrading can also benefit from the crane’s versatile applications.

KBK wall-mounted slewing crane (up to 1000 kg)

The wall-mounted slewing crane is the ideal solution for you when floorspace is restricted. Just mount the crane on a suitable load-bearing concrete wall, plant, machine or workshop column. The brackets supplied with the crane allow for quick and easy installation.  The wall-mounted slewing crane can withstand loads of up to 1000 kg.