Demag Hoists

DS 1 / DSES 1 rope winches

You can use DS 1 rope winches wherever loads need to be lifted over great heights – as maintenance and assembly hoists as well as for transporting materials on a construction site.

Demag DR rope hoist

Optimised for crane applications, the new Demag EKDR rope hoist meets all the requirements for state-of-the-art hoists for tomorrow’s needs.

Demag DCS-Pro chain hoist

The benefits of Demag chain hoists with infinitely-variable speed control will also impress you: high-quality, sensitive parts can be lifted, lowered and positioned more gently and carefully.

DC-Com chain hoist

The performance range of the new DC-Com chain hoist is tailored to applications for normal requirements – just right for everyday use.

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Our hoist units have served as reliable components in cranes and materials handling systems for many decades. All over the world.